Alex Vallentine

Growth Partner at FE-Growth


In 2019, my life was confined to the suffocating walls of a warehouse, where I struggled to make ends meet on a meager wage of $7.20 per hour.

Determined to break free from this cycle, I took a leap of faith and invested all my savings in a unknown marketing and sales online video course sold by a 21 years old boy.

Little did I know that this bold decision would ignite a remarkable journey of my amazing evolution within the next 3 years.

My Growth Partner Journey

Company #1

Chapter 1: Scaling With Systems
Within three months, I transitioned from a novice to a sales dynamo, captivating the attention of Scaling With Systems—a renowned information product company based in the United States. I joined their team as a growth partner, I had the privilege of contributing to their impressive monthly revenue of $500,000 per month.

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of high-level coaching programs, I became adept at selling packages worth $10,000 to $15,000, empowering business owners to expand their enterprises through the power of systems and virtual assistants.

Company #2
House Buying Masters:
I became a Growth Partner with HBM, where I orchestrated a dramatic increase in revenue from $20,000 to over $200,000 per month in just six months, utilizing powerful organic growth strategies leveraging systems automations and VA's

Company #3
FEGP I joined FEGP, a company focus on helping Further Education companies, TP's & EPA's generate more business opportunities with little to no cost.

I had the honour to be e COO & CTO and basically down the road i mange to wear pretty much every hat in the company that you can think of. Through effective processes, lead generation(organic), and client excellence, we skyrocketed from $18,000 in monthly revenue to $170,000 in just eight months. We expanded our team from 3 to 25 people in matter of weeks. Now i'm the Veteran Growth Partner and Head of success on the productised version of the model.

Company #4
Unleashing Creativity and Monetizing Expertise
In the midst of these professional endeavors, I found solace in creative content creation. Initially a hobby, my content quickly gained traction, propelling my TikTok following to a loyal audience of 72,000in the span of 60 days Harnessing this newfound influence, I knew that it was my duty to teach other creators how to build and monetise their audience.

In a remarkable seven-day span, the newly released Academy generated over $20,000 in revenue. Funny enough that BETA launch has generated that revenue without me putting even a single second on building the content. Inspired by my success, I now extend my expertise to assist other creators in cultivating their own social followings and monetizing their unique talents.


From the depths of a warehouse, I emerged as a growth partner, igniting success and empowering businesses to reach new heights. With an unwavering passion for building foundations and fostering growth, I have proven that dedication, creativity, and ambition can transform lives. Today, I stand before you, ready to share my story and inspire others to unleash their potential.