Gui Perdrix

Coliving expert


Gui Perdrix is a coliving expert, serial entrepreneur and lifestyle designer. After running coliving spaces and experiencing first-hand the transformational power of coliving, Gui decided to tackle the coliving industry and introduce the notion of community-focussed coliving experiences.

He is the author of the Art of Coliving, the #1 bestselling book on how to create coliving spaces; he is the president of Co-Liv, the global association of coliving professionnals, representing 450+ coliving companies worldwide; and he works with coliving operators through his agency Artof.Co to create state-of-the-art coliving experiences.

Aside from his coliving passion, Gui is also an ardent musician (electro DJ, live performer and electric harpist) and experience seeker. His way of living is everything else than conventional, and his motto is to constantly keep questioning one's relationship to the world. Among others, Gui inspired his following thoughts such as a self-wedding, surrender experiments, different approaches to relationships and a practice of constant self-questioning.

In his talk, Gui will share some of his best practices when it comes to lifestyle design, how to free yourself from modern day labels (such as nomadic vs. sedentary, monogamous vs. polyamorous, or political inclinations) and make it practical so that you too can leave with a more defined life that serves you.

Topic: Unconventional Lifestyle Design: A practical approach on redefining your relationship to the world and fill your team with meaning.