Vladi Velikov

consultant on productivity and process optimization


Eng. Vladi Velikov is a consultant on productivity and process optimization. He uses various methodologies such as Lean, Kanban, Theory of Constraints, and TRIZ. The goals of his projects are to make people in companies feel happier, work more effectively, and receive better salaries.

Over the years, he has noticed that employees in companies are generally not happy. Even after implementing many improvements, creating perfectly organized processes, people continue to feel unwell at work and rush to go home.

In 2016, he began developing HappyDevs - the first methodology based on Flow and aimed at increasing the happiness of programmers. He argues that companies are mistaken in assuming that if the processes are well-organized and people receive good salaries, they will be very efficient and the company will make money. He reverses the logic and says that if a high level of happiness is achieved in employees, they will be motivated, work very efficiently, and the company will do well. According to him, the highest priority is the level of happiness, and everything else is a function of it.

Topic: Happy Developers